Support individuals to live a life full of opportunities

Our autism platform is designed specifically to support individuals with autism and IDD and their providers––including registered behavior technicians (RBTs), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and behavioral health specialists.

Solutions designed to enrich the lives of individuals with autism

One Platform that Meets the Demand for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Behavior Tracking Services.

Simplify data collection and analysis, provide real-time graphing, and implement best practices–reducing time spent on administrative tasks and retaining quality teams.

Clinical best practices

Customizable curriculum that includes over 1,500 treatment goals with video-based training embedded to ensure fidelity when implementing with your clients.


Simple and easy to use for everyone

For your teams, our mobile app ensures easy data collection on or offline with immediate syncing capability for real-time data analysis.

Save time and money with Smart Scheduling

Real-time availability matching improves scheduling accuracy, allowing better coordination, improved service delivery and increased client satisfaction.


Increase engagement with Parent/Caregiver Portal

Provide caregivers with resources to track their child’s progress, share documents with the care team, and access on-demand training resources.