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Child and family platform for care coordination

Child and Family Services (CFS)

Child and family service organizations can expect an integrated care platform that supports resiliency through person-centered care. Our innovative EHR and services keep the child and family at the center. Any technology we develop is to assist in helping improve the quality of life for children and families. Our platform provides accurate, up-to-date information that is easily accessible to care team members across the healthcare continuum.

  • Platform meets all levels of care including case management, youth justice, community-based, day, residential, shelter and office-based settings.
  • Best practices in family-centered treatment services, family placement, foster care and adoption, trauma-informed care, transitions of care, wraparound services, family case planning and integrated care including: education, behavioral, developmental, addictions and physical care services.
  • The ability to securely communicate and exchange referrals with other providers electronically outside of your four walls and connect to state portals.
  • Support mobile workflows in a connected or disconnected environment as well as the ability to track mileage and travel time and directly link those to the related activity.
  • Engagement solutions for caregivers, individuals and families including resource family portal, telehealth, remote patient supports, education and resources.
  • Analyzing critical measurements and data to verify and measure the effectiveness of services helps organizations make informed policy and practice decisions, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for the families they serve.