Empowering Efficient Mobile Care Delivery with Electronic Visit Verification

Our mobile care delivery solutions offer the functionality you need to support your Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements beyond the federal mandate.

Everything you need for fast, efficient and accurate electronic visit verification

This powerful technology enables providers to verify visits for home and community-based services. The data collected during the visit enables providers to record details of field visits using an agnostic mobile phone or tablet. Staff record their visit using an app or voice call, including accurate location information, type of service provided and duration of service to verify the validity of the visit.

Softbir offers multiple electronic visit verification solutions that are tailored to the unique business requirements of each provider.

EVV software solutions for providers

Better care starts with better tools

The Softbir Mobile Caregiver solution enables EVV compliance and uncomplicates management of staff, visits and scheduling.


Through the easy-to-use mobile app, caregivers gain an intuitive tool that supports quick adoption and effortless compliance. Administrators gain a powerful dashboard for visibility into visits, patients and claims, making care delivery easier and more efficient than ever before.

EVV for states and health plans

Improve utilization management and reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Softbir EVV offers a comprehensive solution that aggregates data across all providers.


Easy to learn and even easier to use, our EVV solution drives high adoption rates by providers. The solution includes a business rules engine that handles pre-adjudication of claims, marking them as matched or unmatched prior to payment and returning them to providers for additional updates when needed.

With Softbir EVV, states and health plans can easily manage providers. Equipped with real-time visibility, our dashboards enable tracking of missed visits, provider adoption, claims status and more to manage utilization and reduce fraud, waste and abuse.