Optimizing care with solutions designed for geriatric practitioners

Discover the EHR Platform and Solutions designed for and by Geriatric Practitioners

Geriatric Practices

Geriatric practitioners need technology that travels with them to facilities, works the way they do and makes it easier to manage compliance. Softbir offers all that and much more.

Our software is a cloud-based, mobile electronic health record (EHR) designed by long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) practitioners who fully understand the functionality you need to enhance care, maintain compliance and grow your practice.

Intuitive workflows save time

Encounter note templates are intuitively designed to collect the right information, saving time and increasing accuracy. Encounter notes can be shared automatically with any members of a facility’s interdisciplinary team.


Simplify MIPS Compliance

Easily track your MIPS participation via an intuitive dashboard, which equips you with notifications for relevant quality measures, a visual representation of your progress throughout the year and more. Built-in analytic tools support tracking individual productivity as well as the efficiency of partnering providers.

ONC-certified and integrates with other medical record solutions

Our software is ONC-certified and integrates directly with other medical record solutions to support seamless, HIPAA-compliant coordination with other care teams.


Business intelligence dashboards

Track clinical, financial and operational goals with flexible, interactive data visualizations that make it easy to quantify your organization's success.

Revenue cycle management services

Revenue cycle management services are available to improve cash flow and enhance profitability so you can expand your practice.


Easy, Intuitive Charting

Access to top features means nothing if the tools don’t function the ways you need them to within your specific workflows. We at Softbir know your workflows differ significantly from those of other health care specialties, which is why you currently feel slowed down by extra pages, unnecessary information fields, and cumbersome workarounds.