Focus on your patients, instead of paperwork

Home care EHR that simplifies scheduling, documentation and billing

Home Care

Softbir has the right solutions to help your home health organization be more efficient, remain in compliance and adapt to the future of healthcare. From intake and scheduling to care plan documentation and filing claims, our home care software allows you to simplify processes, so you can focus on improving outcomes.

Strong connectivity and data sharing via a home care EHR help to fill gaps in patient information, reducing the need for manual data entry to enable clinicians to deliver timely and relevant care. Clinicians gain instant access to treatment plans, patient vitals, medication and other relevant information on any device at the point of care.

We know better care requires successful relationships both within and outside of your agency among your patients, payors, staff and other providers. Our solutions provide the tools you need to be knowledgeable, responsive and flexible in a value-based care world.