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An all-in-one physical therapy EMR with documentation, scheduling, billing, and reporting software

Improve your physical therapy practice and patient experience with TheraOffice's innovative physical therapy EMR and practice management software. Our integrated physical therapy software seamlessly manages patient intake, scheduling, documentation, billing, accounting, and reporting to help you manage your business and drive practice productivity. With scalability at the forefront, TheraOffice is designed to help clinics of all specialties and sizes, from practices who are just starting out to larger organizations looking for a custom solution.

Physical therapy documentation software that's fast, compliant and customizable

Our completely customizable physical therapy documentation software is designed to work the way you do. Built for practice efficiency, We can reduce average documentation time by up to 80%. No more 30-minute or hour-long evals. Complete daily notes in 1-2 minutes and initial evaluations in just 5-7 minutes.

  • Seamless integrations with scheduling and accounting
  • Simple assistant minute tracking
  • Avoid manual calculations with Suggest Charges feature
  • Pre-loaded with 40+ customizable templates
  • Capture important measures with MIPS validation
  • Fax directly to physicians
  • Create your unique note style with PT, OT, SLP, Lymphedema, Pelvic Health, Vestibular, Pediatric, and McKenzie documents

Intelligent physical therapy scheduling software to organize your day

Designed for the front office, our software's physical therapy scheduling is intuitive and easy to use. The customizable visual display lets you plan with prevision while integrated billing tools capture revenue flow from the beginning of a patient's journey.

  • Streamline patient intake and eliminate errors in patient data with Mobile Check-in and Intake Validator
  • Improve clinic production with Schedule Optimizer
  • Collect and process physical therapy co-pays
  • Improve revenue flow with the Patient Responsibility Estimator
  • Digitally verify patient benefits
  • Set recurring physical therapy appointments and waitlists
  • Create separate schedules for each clinic at no additional charge

Fully integrated physical therapy billing software

Our software's fully integrated physical therapy billing software offers a seamless workflow from scheduling and documentation to patient accounting, removing the guesswork and tediousness out of financial management. Platform flexibility adapts to your unique billing processes giving you improved control of your practice accounting.

  • Integrated ERA downloads and application
  • Intuitive smart-apply wizard
  • Denial organizer
  • Aging tools to manage revenue flow
  • Telemedicine billing to simplify remote visits
  • Built-in collections manager
  • Simplified claims process

Make informed decisions with better physical therapy reporting software

With our physical therapy reporting software, you get a clear, comprehensive picture of your practice, helping you adjust and plan for what's next. With over 175 built-in reports, instantly access insights for an accurate view of your business. Because better data = better decisions.

  • Track key performance metrics over time with daily and trend level reports
  • Customize any physical therapy report to your exact needs
  • 175+ physical therapy reports including KPIs, productivity tracking, HSA receipts, sign-in sheets, visit history, and more
  • Track reports in a live environment for an on-demand to-do list
  • Favorite your frequent therapy reports

Optimize your practice with innovative physical therapy software and apps designed to extend the patient experience