Technology that drives lower costs, while maintaining quality of care

Skilled nursing facility long term care EHR supports person-centered care

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our skilled nursing software helps you fill gaps in patient information to reduce manual data entry and create a comprehensive record for each individual. As a result, you’ll streamline the pre-admission process, increase the accuracy of initial assessments and simplify compliance with CMS requirements.
The advanced connectivity features of our skilled nursing facility EHR allow you to securely exchange health information with other care providers to reconcile clinical data and populate fields directly into the long-term care EHR. User-friendly clinical functionality, such as alerts and dashboards, helps your staff track care efficiently, increases clinician satisfaction and maintains quality without increasing costs.
With a complete view of each individual’s health history, your organization can accurately assess a patient’s needs and ensure each one receives the appropriate care and treatment. It’s a truly integrated and person-centered approach to care that will allow your organization to thrive in a value-based care landscape.